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Guiding & Consulting

I am available to guide individuals or teams to the North & South Pole and on the Greenland ice cap. I offer experience and professionalism; my achievements speak to my commitment on safety, travel in style and appreciation of the Polar Regions.

The Greenland ice cap is the second largest in the world and offers the best training location for North & South Pole expeditions as well as the best snow kiting conditions I've ever encountered (more on this in the kiting section). Expedition training is best in April & early May when temperatures are colder. Kite training / expeditions are best from mid-May to mid June.

The South Pole - Amundsen, Shackleton, Scott, Ousland! Most ski expeditions begin at 8000 at Hercules Inlet on the edge of the Ronne Ice Shelf. Travel is 600 nautical miles (1,100 km) across the undulating vastness of the Antarctic ice cap, climbing to 3,000 meters (9,300 ft) by the time we reach the Pole. Expeditions begin in early November and finish at the middle of January. I plan 55 days with 1 re-supply for a South Pole expedition. I am also available for expeditions to other parts of Antarctica.

Travel in Antarctica during the summer months is an unforgettable experience; the sun shines 24 hours a day, our tents are warm, the wind-blown sastrugi (snow ridges) is a work of art and, above all, the vastness of this continent is beyond words.

The North Pole is surrounded by sea ice and in total darkness for half the year. Expeditions take place from March 1st until the end of May. If too early, darkness and extreme cold prevail; if too late, the Arctic Ocean is transformed into a watery enshrouded pack of drifting sea ice. Travel is over shifting pack ice, with massive pressure ridges and open water leads that lay across our path, all compounded by the debilitating cold temperatures (-40 C and lower). Northern Ellesmere to the Pole is 413 nautical miles (770 km). I typically plan 60 days and 2 re-supplies for an expedition. Challenges aside, I find it difficult to describe the beauty that surrounds me: the soft light, the varieties of snow crystals, the ever-changing colors of the ice.

Consulting Services

I work with individuals or teams to meet your specific training needs.

Listed below is a menu of services I offer:

  • Customized polar training program developed in consultation with you.
  • Planning, coaching & logistics support before and during your expedition.
  • Equipment & clothing research, selection, sourcing & ordering.
  • Kite training & equipment selection.
  • IT support (communication, computer, PDA, data transfer, battery & solar power).
  • Web site design & creation. Access to polar photo library.