Polar & Snow-kite training in Norway

Haugastol, Norway

I first travelled to Haugastol in 2011 to teach a one-week snow-kiting course. It literally changed my life. I now offer training courses exclusively at Haugastol and on the nearby Hardangervidda Plateau. I also spend all of my winter holidays there. In my opinion, it’s the best snow-kiting location in the world. It has superb access, consistent wind, great snow cover and amazing terrain. Check out the snow-kite map.

Customized Snow-kiting and Polar Travel Courses (1 or 2 weeks)

  • For individuals and small groups preparing a kiting expedition.
  • The focus is on expedition kiting skills and kiting with pulks.
  • On no-wind days (rare) or at the end of the day, classroom and practical sessions on polar travel and camping are given.
  • Includes a one to three-day camping trip.

Approximate Costs

As most training courses are customized to individual and group needs, the following costs are for planning purposes only. After assessing your training needs, I will present you with a personalized training schedule and cost for your trip.

The following costs are in USD and per person for a 7-day training:

Course fees:
  • $1,500.00 based on a group of 4
  • $2,500.00 based on a group of 2
  • Includes instructor fees, transportation to kite locations, kites & harness, sleeping system, group equipment and camping food.
  • Does not include personal clothing, kiting skis, helmet
  • For accommodation pricing please see options available at: Haugastol Turistsenter 
* clients are responsible for accommodation fees


From Oslo airport to Haugastol, return is roughly $125.00 and takes approximately 5 hours.